James was born in Detroit but spent his early years in Southern California where he received a copy of The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. Little did he know then, that book would ignite a fury of reading which has yet to be extinguished. Times turned rough and the family relocated to the Pacific Northwest. Still new to the area he discovered a discarded set of Dungeon and Dragons books while taking out the garbage and spent every free waking moment reading the books over and over, and then constructed glorious worlds filled with exciting hero's and dastardly villains. Lacking friends he developed the uncanny ability to play both the dungeon master, and the player. In his senior year of high school he set out  to create an epic map system of what he considered all six hundred and sixty-six layers of Hell (he only wishes he knew where it was today). After graduation he spent time in the military but continued to read and could always be located at used bookstores, libraries, or second-hand stores looking for books to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for adventure. It was not until a foot surgery left him stuck on the couch did he decide it was time to write one of his own and set out to create an epic adventure filled with strange and mysterious creatures inhabiting an even stranger land.

During his time he has raised two children who are now grown and gone and spends most of his time at home in Oregon with his wife Traci, who spends her days offering him words of encouragement. On sunny days he'll take the bike for a ride, or spend some time at the shooting range but mostly behind the screen bringing to life stories for all those would be thrill seekers looking for the next great adventure. Besides his wife, his house is inhabited by one dog and two cats (one of which he thinks will live forever as it so skittish he believes death could never catch it.)