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Demetrius was a merciless killer raised under the brutal dictatorship of the Brotherhood. With skills honed to perfection through decades of training, his abilities captured the vision of King Karayan who paid him handsomely to hunt down and destroy the filthy scourge of the land — known only as bearers. His last victim, an elf, unleashed a small bit of magic within him that left him searching his darkened past for answers. Answers that could only be discovered with the aid of a spiritual guide known as Elwrick, and a quest to save the very thing he was tasked to destroy.

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-the continuation-


The Creator looked down at the world, and his tears fell like winter rain, unforgiving and icy cold. "The world has failed. Nothing remains but callous hearts and demented thoughts.""It has not failed yet," Archangel Michael, Legion Commander and Prince of Archangels said. “There is one who has proven worthy. One who stands rigid where all the others have failed.  She earned the right to redeem the world. To honor her Birthright is now your obligation. The seal binding the Prophecy of Damnation must be broken, there can be no other recourse.”

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 Victoria Parker is no different than any other teenage girl except for one minor detail…she’s dead. Victim of a horrific accident, she should have went to Heaven, but that was not to be as an unknown force pulled her in a different direction guiding her to the mysterious world of Chasmyre. Its here she would learn her soul was unique, possibly the only one of its kind.  While Chasmyre appears to be paradise, all is not harmonious and soon a woman not seen in decades appears to claim what she believes is rightfully hers. Victoria will face her worst fears as she’s blindsided by a heartbreaking betrayal, and when all seems lost, she will discover something more precious than life itself, true love.