"The prologue gets you right from the start and the story leads you through a very interesting world full of creatures and characters that will capture you imagination. A story based on good and evil, and a sacrifice of one to save many.”

T. Kock

“I enjoyed reading book one, Icearaus Flight. Thought it was well written, and enjoyed the adventure that was brought forth through each chapter and look forward to the sequel, Birth Right.”

B. Lovan

“J.R. Harris has taken a classic fantasy theme and sent it on a long needed detour through his twisted imagination. He provides enough vision to create a unique world while engaging the imagination of the reader, yet never allows the story to become mired in excessive detail. A brilliant first effort from a soon to be well known author.”

R. Harris

“A beautifully described world which drags you in kicking and screaming, and then leaves you thirsting for more as the last page ends.”

G. Hamm